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From inception, at our first gathering place in 1947, we have a history of evolving with the community by creating vibrant places that bring people together and provide experiences that connect and support them, places where people are proud to belong.

Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club was founded by returned service men and women as a place that could help veterans and families reconnect with their community and help them build a better life.

Since opening its doors the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club as a business, has grown from one RSL Club in the Inner West to an urban sprawl of vibrant places for communities.

Our business continues to grow with the ever changing needs our community, and today we have a number of communal places
spread throughout the Inner West, Canterbury-Bankstown and in the Southern Highlands.

Together, with our new family name CMNL we will continue to evolve with our community.

creating vibrant places for
people to gather for what matters


CMNL ACADEMY | creating hospitality professionals since 1999

CMNL Academy (formerly CHP School of Hospitality) is a Sydney based Registered Training Organisation (RTO 6871) which was developed by Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club in 1999 to provide a relevant resource to the community in hospitality training.

CHP RSL first diversified their offer to the community in 1999, when we developed a platform for the ongoing training and education for hospitality students, to support and grow their careers, and in turn strengthen the quality of the industry.

As an RTO accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQUA), we are able to deliver nationally recognised on the job training for our employees, and training for those looking to enter the industry, or to develop their careers. We are accredited by ASQUA to deliver Nationally Recognised Training from industry entry level courses such as RSA up to diploma level. We are also recognised by Liquor and Gaming NSW and NSW Food Authority as approved providers of mandatory training for the Clubs industry. RTO National Code 6871.

In addition to our workshops, short courses and full-length qualification and traineeship training, online training, CNML Academy also offers customized training and recognition services for the registered clubs industry. We also have a proud history of providing subsidized training to local school students in Cert II in Hospitality, Cafe, RSA and RCG courses.
We also offer fee free NSW government courses under the ‘Smart & Skilled’ and ‘Job Trainer’ programs.

Clubs have been providing communities with careers in hospitality since their origin, and as the industry continues to grow, so do the opportunities for career pathways in the Club Industry.

For over 20 years we have enjoyed an excellent reputation as an innovative centre for quality hospitality and business training outcomes.

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Formally known as Bargo Bowling Club, Bargo Sports Club has been in operation since the early 1960’s and has a long history of supporting its local community.

Bargo Sports Club joined the CMNL family in 2002. This was a difficult time, and like many small regional clubs  Bargo Sports Club was experiencing challenging times.

CHP RSL recognized the importance of preserving such a valued local asset for the local community who relied heavily on it. The Club had strong local ties with sporting and community groups, a popular lawn bowls green and social hub – the place to gather and connect in a small regional town. We were in a healthy position to support them and were confident that the relationship would add value back into the Club group.

The support and resources provided to Bargo Sports Club along with loyalty of the local community mean that today the Clubs community ties, facilities and membership are all strong.

we value the importance of a Club in a small country town,
as a place for people to gather for what matters



CHP RSL facilities for health & wellness have always provided more than equiptment and classes, they are an important place to gather and connect.

gyms have become
the ‘new club’

When the time came to improve and expand our ‘in club’ gym for our loyal members, we wanted to ensure that it accommodated our neighbours needs and could pivot with the changes in trends and interests of the broader community.

With the above in mind, it made sense to apply a trusted franchise model whose values of 24/7 safety, security and inclusivity aligned with ours.

When the ATF franchise opportunity came around, we saw the upside in partnering with what was then an emerging gym franchise that was a sound commercial investment for our members.

CHP RSL had ample room to expand the facility within the club, and in 2012 we converted the space into our new gym –  Anytime Fitness Hurlstone Park.

Anytime Fitness Hurlstone Park
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Formally known as Western Suburbs Australian Football Club, Magpie Sports has been serving and supporting its community since the early 1920’s. Situated behind Picken Oval, home to WSAF (now known as the Inner West Magpies) has been a local institution for decades.

Magpie Sports joined the CMNL family in 2013. The club was in need of investment to improve and operate the facilities in order to remain open for it’s community. CHP RSL saw the club as a greatly valued ‘home away from home’ for the local AFL following, it’s loyal members and neighbours and other sporting groups and community groups which relied on it as a place to support and be supported.

Geographically the Club is in the CHP RSL neighbourhood, and with it’s long proud AFL history, family friendly demographic, commitment to local sporting groups, we saw a strong local relationship between the two clubs and great value to each Clubs members in belonging together in our family.

Magpie Sports is our neighbour, and a member of the CMNL family we are proud of. Our connection to community and the club we provide our members in Croydon Park is growing year on year.



When Marrickville RSL Club ceased to operate in 2007 it’s community, loyal members, neighbours, sporting groups and employees no longer had their place to gather, connect, support and be supported.

We had watched the Marrickville journey as a community, and were compelled to play our part in doing what we could to work toward bringing the Club back for it’s people.

As the time we welcomed Marrickville RSL Club into our family it was not operating a Club trading premises, we explored a range of options to re-establish a Marrickville RSL Club. With the challenges the industry has faced over the last few years we continue to explore what the right place at the right time looks like.

In the meantime, the assets and membership that we are caring for remain in good health, and we are committed to providing a positive outcome for the Clubs assets and it’s members in the future.
Today we have strong relationship with the sporting community, with our support of the Marrickville Kings (NRL) and Marrickville All Stars (Netball).

All Marrickville RSL Club Members are welcomed to gather at other CMNL places and enjoy our great valued dining, entertainment and  facilities.

Marrickville All Stars
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Camperdown Commons is the result of a community revitalisation project by CHP RSL with an ongoing vision to provide our community relevant places to gather for what matters.

Neighbourhoods each have unique interests, and with the evolving needs of the community in the Inner West we were given the opportunity to consult with the Inner West Council and the community to reimagine how the space could better serve the neighbourhood.

opportunity to preserve the
Camperdown Bowling Club green space

In 2013 Inner West Council (formerly Marrickville Council) reached out to appoint a new lessee for the Camperdown Bowling Club site. The bowling club had waning support for bowls as a facility in the area, and the council were committed to preserving the green space whilst still providing much needed recreational space.

CHP RSL and our values were well aligned to the project with our expertise in hospitality, experience in recreation and ties with the local community. It is our vision to always ensure our places are relevant to their communities. The project was the perfect fit for our vision, and a great opportunity to increase our engagement with the Inner West community, and to meet to the local demographics needs.

In liaison with Inner West council and our on-site partner ‘Pocket City Farms’ we revitalised the Camperdown Bowling Club site with indoor and outdoor spaces to connect, relax, and belong. Green space was retained, and the site now offers a variety of relevant offers to its community. The vision – which was refined through extensive community consultation – provides valuable low-rise facilities, and much-needed green space and recreation for our neighbours and guests.

The revitalised the bowling green is now a pinnacle of our vision, a vibrant social hub Camperdown Commons is also home to an urban farm and provides unique spaces and experiences for dining, holding an event, or to learn and connect.

we evolve and create vibrant places where
our community gathers for what matters



Camperdown Tennis is a multi-sport facility located behind Camperdown Commons at Camperdown Park, which operates Tennis, Futsal, Hockey and other sports, originally operated by Sydney Community College.

When our neighbour was looking for a new family to belong to, we proudly took Camperdown Tennis into our fold, providing and preserving much needed recreational space in the city.

As a neighbouring property it made sense, we had invested significantly in community sport in local area for a long time but had never run our own multi-sport facility. The centre was well cemented in the community and enabled us to be actively involved in providing relevant health and wellness facilities to the people in our community.

KIDS IN COMMON Keep an eye out for Camperdown Vacation Care programs and Sport Camp days, where the experiences between Camperdown Commons and Camperdown Tennis range from active, creative and unique experiences between the neighbouring sites!

come together
around what matters

From our inception over 70 years ago, Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL has always been committed to providing places that are both relevant and beneficial to the local communities in which it belongs. As such, we were more than pleased to be offered the opportunity to manage Camperdown Tennis, further enhancing our ability in delivering much needed recreational facilities and spaces that strive to realise our objective of improving the health and wellbeing of the community.

We actively promote this through partnership development in addition to the provision of both grants and community space. Camperdown Tennis is an extension of that Canterbury–Hurlstone Park RSL philosophy and we look forward to offering locals a space to come together and participate in a wide range of sports and activities.

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