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JUNE 2022

Neo natal ventilation equipment

CMNL donated $39,000 to the RPA Newborn Care Unit for the purchase of a Hamilton neonatal ventilator, a piece of equipment that is vital in supporting newborns struggling to breathe.

RPA Newborn Care Unit
With around 5500 births annually, RPA Women & Babies is one of the busiest maternity services in NSW. The nursery is funded for 12 NICU 1 beds, with a further 10 NICU 2 beds, and 14 special care cots.

There are around 1000 admissions annually, of which about 200 are level 3 and the remainder level 2. About 50 babies are born at other hospitals and are transferred to RPA by the NSW Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS). The mothers of about 200 of the in-born babies each year are booked at other hospitals, but are transferred to RPA before the baby’s birth because of complications of pregnancy. On average we care for about 50 babies <1000gm and 140 babies <1500gm each year.

Hamilton Medical
Having their newborn baby start life in the NICU is something no parent-to-be could ever imagine. The chances of survival often rest on the availability of adequate ventilation support.
The equipment can support the breathing of infants as a little as 200 grams.