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MARCH 2023

CMNL funding will be provided again this year, to continue to support the delivery of the Swiss 8 Recalibr8 protocol, including the facilitation of in person workshops for the CHP RSL members, staff and Sub -Branch.

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The Swiss 8 mission is to end the suicide crisis for all high risk demographics by giving scientifically-backed proactive mental health tools to the world, enabling individuals to create their own healthy, happy lives through the pursuit of purpose and human connection.

Every dollar donated to Swiss 8 is committed to delivering, improving and expanding our tools, programs, courses and events. Our spending goes into world-class research, program development, digital technology building, educational content creation, and wages.

In line with Anzac Day 2023, Swiss 8 will be releasing a new Recalibr8 protocol within the Swiss 8 App which aims to help anyone going through a major life transition. This protocol guides users through implementing the Swiss 8 Pillars into their lives.

Our in-person workshops will cover mental health first aid, as well as proactive mental health and wellbeing. Participants will be given the tools to make proactive change.

Our research coupled with lived experience has uncovered transition as a pinnacle point of mental health impact. Our proactive model intercepts this mental health down-turn, and gives people the tools, education and guidance they need to navigate through transition, and be Better at Life.

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