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MARCH 2023

Supporting veterans and their families in every community.

CMNL funding will be provided once again this year to RSL LifeCare to support the establishment of a Veteran Wellbeing Centre in the Sydney, CBD.

RSL LifeCare in partnership with RSL NSW is establishing Veteran Wellbeing Centres in key areas of NSW near Defence bases where veteran families reside. These Centres will provide services to support veterans and their families. RSL LifeCare currently operates Veteran Wellbeing Centres in Nowra and Wagga Wagga.

A priority in 2022-23 will be the establishment of a Veteran Wellbeing Centre in the Sydney, CBD.

This Centre will be available for use by Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Veteran Members and will offer face-to-face and online support to these veterans and their families across a full range of wellbeing services.

The operating model is based on the 7 elements of wellbeing:

  1. Recognition & Respect
  2. Education & Skills
  3. Social Support & Connection
  4. Income & Finance
  5. Health
  6. Housing
  7. Employment

RSL LifeCare will provide a comprehensive wellbeing assessment, and from there will connect Members with the services they need. Services like DVA claims assistance, financial assistance, housing support and employment assistance will be provided directly; other services such as counselling, social connection, education and other support as needed will be referred by RSL LIfeCare to specialist providers.

Additionally, this Centre will be utilised as a Community Centre where local groups, businesses and organisations can come together to provide the support and services needed to support local veterans and their families

August Project Update:
The RSL LifeCare Veteran Services team, along with RSL NSW, have conducted site visits at the planned location for the Sydney CBD Veteran Wellbeing Centre.


Discussions are underway for how best to fit out the location to allow multiple service providers to utilise the space. Like the VWCs in Nowra and Wagga Wagga, RSL LifeCare Veteran Services want this site to become a one-stop shop for veteran support services.

Next steps in the project are:

  • Review of draft plans for site layout
  • Approval of service model and staffing


Veteran Wellbeing Centres – RSL LifeCare

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