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A collaboration for the future

CMNL continued to support Pocket City Farms with a ClubGRANT  to aid  the initiative to develop a community Sustainability and Resilience Hub at Camperdown Commons.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the value and importance of the aims and aspirations of Pocket City Farms in supplementing local food supplies and fostering connections and resilience within the community.

During the pandemic, Pocket City Farms and Camperdown Commons collaborated to maintain the health of the community food forest on the verge of the property on Mallett St and built a Food Pantry. The Food Pantry served as place for Camperdown Commons, PCF and the local community to ‘drop off’ food for those in need, or to make a donation to assist PCF to contribute to the pantry during lockdown.

The food forest continues to be maintained by PCF, Camperdown Commons and volunteers for the community to help themselves to. The Food Pantry is in operation from time to time, as we work toward improving it’s effectiveness for those who need it most.

It is the aim of Pocket City Farms in collaboration with CMNL to develop a revitalised vision at Camperdown Commons that aligns closely with council priorities and provides beneficial outcomes for the community. A venture that will thrive on collaboration, inclusivity and community connection, and delivers a ‘community sustainability and resilience hub’ for community to enjoy, participate in and learn from.

Camperdown Commons, including Pocket City Farms is a community facility built on community Crown land. PCF are supported by CMNL to build on and improve the current offerings and ensure that the local community are engaged with the site and its collective services in the best possible way, obtaining strong outcomes for community resilience and building skills in sustainability.

The initiative will drive benefits which include:

  • A dedicated community sustainability and resilience hub, where locals can share skills and knowledge and contribute to efforts in their home and community.
  • Improved links and points of connection to the community site, including interactive verge with information on free food forest, honesty box and street pantry.
  • Affordable space hire for both NFP and community groups creating an inclusive opportunity to gather in a light-filled green setting for meetings and business events, another contributor to social inclusion.
  • Increased opportunity for Sydneysiders of all ages, to connect with a small-scale organic farm and learn how food is grown naturally, and about soil building and nutrient-cycling – and the difference that can make in food and climate concerns.
  • Providing further availability to community for accessible green space improving air quality, biodiversity and enhanced social engagement. The human benefits of green spaces in cities have been well documented, citing improvements in mental wellbeing, physical health and combatting social isolation.
  • A dedicated space and programs (food forest program and workshops) that contribute to reduced levels of anxiety and depression, and improved gut health and immunity, proven through gardening and soil interaction, as well as social involvement in a community.