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Evacuation Centre at Bargo Sports Club

Our CMNL place in Bargo wasted no time opening up its doors to the community during the frightening time of the 2019 bushfires.


During the devasting fires that threatened the area, Bargo Sports Club swiftly rallied resources, it’s facilities and it’s people to support our local community during the unprecedented bush fire event of 2020.

We provided shelter, free food and drink, financial support for individual families, accommodation and respite for impacted individuals and a space for community to gather during the immediacy of the fire threat. There were literally dogs, cats, livestock and birds gartered on the club premises whilst firefighting helicopters waterbombed overhead and the fire front approached the surrounding townships.

Many of those people present would not have known if they were returning to their homes still in one piece.

This demonstrated what clubs are all about. We are about our people and our communities and lending a hand and providing a leg up when people are in need. We threw our doors open, abandoned our commercial operations at times and helped our people in their time of need.

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