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CMNL Commemoration
Commemoration services bring people together and provide veterans opportunities to reunite, connect and to remember the fallen. At RSL Clubs across the country, veterans, families of veterans passed and present and communities gather. At these occasions veterans share like-minded stories, passing them on through generations, never to be forgotten.


August 2023


Commemorating 50 years since Australian forces left Vietnam & the 78th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

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On these important days of commemoration, we remember those who have fallen,
pay our respects to our ex-service men and women and show our pride for those who serve today.
The efforts of those past and present will forever be remembered.

We thank you all for your service.

Ernest Newbold with fellow 131 Locators Battery unit members, Allan Norley and Graham Dignam
Pictured above: Ernest Newbold with fellow 131 Locators Battery unit members, Allan Norley and Graham Dignam.
They look forward to these commemorative occasions as rare opportunities to connect.

Vietnam War & Victory in The Pacific Day
Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club

We thank all Veterans, veteran families and our community for joining us on this day at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club.

Commemorations provide important occasions for Veteran units to reunite, share like-minded stories and support one another. Gathering together with family, friends and the local community we remember the sacrifices of the fallen, those who returned, and the families and communities affected by these conflicts.

On Sunday 13th of August at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club, we welcomed Australian and Vietnamese veterans, their families, and our local community to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and the 78th anniversary of Victory in The Pacific Day.
we acknowledge the endurance, courage, ingenuity,
      good humour and mateship of all who have served.
On these occasions the day begins with many gathering in the Club to share a story or two over a warm brew. For many present, the last time they saw each other was the last service of remembrance.
When veterans, families and our community were seated outside at the Bert Crook Memorial, the mood becomes more solemn, as we reflect on the enormity of all that is to be remembered.
As is customary our service begins with a ‘Welcome to Country’ with Uncle Brendan sharing the first story of the day, the story of his people, land and waters. This is to be the first of many stories to be shared today, so that our messages continue to be told through generations.
The catafalque party mounted the memorial, a symbolic act whereby members of an armed guard march in unison to take their places, heads bowed, weapons facing outward from the memorial to pay respect to the fallen. We thank the Cadets of 233 ACU St George for their service today.

Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club Sub Branch committee members Muriel Buckland (Hon Secretary/Trustee) and Ken McIntyre OAM (president) addressed the audience, with Ken thanking all participants young and old for their attendance.
He reflected on the dark days, the lasting effects of war on those present, and those who were never to return in defense of our country.

Vietnam Veteran and Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club Sub Branch trustee Ernest Newbold told a story of two wars that were 30 years apart, the similarities and the vast difference of human experience between the Second World War and the Vietnam War.

During the Second World War, defense forces did not come home until the war was over. In the Vietnam War, defense units were enlisted into tours of duty, usually around 12 months long.
Vietnam Veterans came home with an unusual feeling about coming home when the job was not finished. Fifty years ago, when the war ended the job was finished, but not all things ended.
For all who served in each of the wars we commemorate today the effects of war lingered for many years, suffering in many ways.
“Fortunately, the RSL and ex-Servicemen Clubs provided a place to gather, we are able to hold association meetings, with a place and time for a room for us. Thank you to the RSL and other organisations for being there to support us.”

Thank you to those who laid wreathes at the Bert Crook memorial, and to the students who assisted from Canterbury Boys and Canterbury Girls High Schools.

Ken McIntyre OAM -Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Sub-Branch President, Malcolm Tyler -Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Board Representative, Dean Thomas -Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL CEO, Shirley Saunders & Di King -Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Sub Branch Auxiliary,
Elysia & Tiffany -Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Representatives, Paul Sharp -WWII Veteran, Dennis Hanmer – Vietnam Veteran,
Ray Buckland – Australian Defense Force, St Johns Ambulance Representative
“I am pleased that the service was very well attended by members of the Club, Sub Branch and members of the community. Having conversed with the Vietnam Veterans, they felt honored and privileged to be invited to join. In my opinion, the day was a success in getting our Veterans together.  This will allow us to have on going follow up with them to ensure their welfare are looked after and know who they are in our local community. Bigger and better next year!”

Ken McIntyre OAM – President
Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club Sub Branch

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Thank you to Reverand Daniel Gale for his words of support, understanding, appreciation and Benediction.

“See that ye hold fast the heritage we leave you. Teach your children that never in the coming centuries
may their hearts fail or hands grow weak.”

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Local Vietnamese Vietnam Veterans


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Local Australian Vietnam Veterans


Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Luncheon

Following the service we welcomed our Veterans and their families into the Arena to enjoy an afternoon of storytelling and reflection. All enjoyed good company great food and live music from the Vietnam war era, and for some served as a timely reunion.

Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club Sub Branch president Ken McIntyre OAM presented Australian and Vietnamese Veterans with a special commemorative 50th Anniversary pin.

Our CMNL raffle raised funds for the Vietnam veterans’ federation of Australia with three lucky winners taking home a very special prize, of Vietnam War Statues and a beautifully framed picture.

Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Sub-Branch is dedicated to the welfare of ex-serving and serving Defence Force personnel and their dependants, and engaging the community with the RSL Legacy.

The Sub-Branch has a large and a socially active membership and is open to any member of the Australian Defence Forces (and their Allies) who has served a minimum of six (6) months in any capacity (Regular or Reserve). The Canterbury-Hurlstone Park Sub-Branch of the RSL (NSW Branch) welcomes applications for new members.



Commemoration Service


Share your story

We invite you to post your stories, photos and videos here to share with our community!

It is important in our Australian history for all generations to create connections, to learn, understand, acknowledge, and share the stories which helped shaped Australia, a chance for everyone to honour the contributions and sacrifices our Veterans have made.

  We look forward to sharing your story
& welcome you to help us share them with others

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