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Let’s Find a Cure Fundraiser at CHP RSL!

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Let’s Find a Cure began in 2010, when three sisters – Santina, Grace and Marina Rizzo – embarked on an inspiring quest to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.  When their efforts began over a decade ago, they hosted a small gathering of family and friends in their own home, where the sisters raised $2000 for Garvan Institute, a leader in breast cancer research. Let’s Find a Cure has since blossomed into a heartfelt legacy that the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club is honoured to be a part of.

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In 2014, life took an unexpected turn when Grace was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis added a profound layer of purpose to their fundraising mission, as they channeled their love and commitment towards finding a cure for this devastating disease.

Sadly, after fighting with strength and courage, Grace lost her battle with cancer in 2018. The loss of their beloved sister became a driving force for Santina and Marina, propelling them to make an even greater impact on breast cancer research, leading to their next event raising $43,000.

Fast forward to the 29th of October 2023, the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club had the privilege of hosting their latest fundraiser; A 3-course luncheon for 310 women, complete with music, dancing, raffles, and more. Santina and Maria, along with their niece, Yasmina, set a goal of raising $50,000 for the Garvan Institute, specifically for the important research being undertaken by Associate Professor Liz Caldon. The attendees’ enthusiasm and the sisters’ determination paid off, exceeding all expectations with more than $73,000 raised. The positive feedback from attendees praised the Rizzo family for creating such an impactful initiative, and organizing an event filled with passion and joy.

The CMNL and Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL team were thrilled to support this cause by providing ‘The Arena’ as the venue for the fundraiser, as well as promoting Let’s Find a Cure across our print and digital channels. We look forward to future opportunities to join hands with inspiring individuals within our communities and continue to spread hope and awareness for important causes.

To find out more about Let’s Find a Cure or to make a donation, head to their Facebook Page.

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